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I recently changed hosting and instead of moving my old website, I thought it was the perfect time to build the new website I had in my mind for a while now. The only problem was, I hadn't even started on it yet. And before I would have it at a stage where I feel comfortable enough to share it, it could be weeks, months...years even!

I didn't want to wait that long, so I decided to just start. Just develop the website in small steps, without any pressure. Because let's face it, there's enough stress in the world at the moment. No need to add some more to myself.

I started with the thing I do best and have the most experience in: procrastinating. First I wanted to have a name for this kind of development. The first thing that came in my mind was "lazy", but it felt a bit too negative, as did "slow". After some searching for synonyms of these terms, I came across "unhurried". And it feels like the perfect term to use. No hurry, no pressure, no negative connotation. Just develop what I want, when I want.

So with that sorted out, there wasn't anything else I could think of to stop me of beginning the project (trust me, I really tried to find something). Time to start. My last website was just handcoded HTML, but I wanted to try a SSG. I decided to use Eleventy to create this website. It's a really fast SSG, with lots of documentation and an active community.

Although there are a lot of starter projects, I will not be using one to try and keep the code as clean as possible and only include what I need. I started by following this blog tutorial by Zach Leatherman (the creator of 11ty). I added a few CSS rules to make it readable, but that's it for now. To be honest, it took me longer to write this first post than setting up the basics.

The plan is to make notes on every step I make, so I can get a little better at writing as well. But as I said earlier, there is no timeframe. Just a bunch of ideas in my head that I want to work out.

So that's it, the start of my Unhurried Development project. I'll keep you posted. Probably.

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